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How can Intentional Health help you?

Develop new habits

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Thrive in life

Making changes to any lifestyle habit is hard.

It’s easier when we focus on single aspects of health, but our body mind and soul are interconnected.

That’s why when we try and make improvements, changes don’t tend to last long.

Intentional Health helps you explore your physical, mental and spiritual health habits together.

You just need to decide if you want to join an online or community group course to begin your journey towards thriving in life!

Are you ready to start living your life well?

Making lifestyle change alone is hard.

Self-control is difficult

your changes
don’t last

You feel stuck and frustrated

Intentional Health can help you...

Here's how to start making 'Whole you' healthy choices & live your life to the full!

Join a course

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Choose your lifestyle

Discover the facts, frameworks & friendships to help make lasting habits

Thrive in life

Enjoy thriving in life with a healthier body, happier mind & hope-filled soul

We've helped hundreds of others in the same boat!

Our award winning programme transform lives by improving physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

"I really liked how the holistic nature of the course challenged my thinking and habits about healthy lifestyle choices and my perceptions of these"
Teresa Penfold
Course attendee
“I recommend Intentional Health as a healthy lifestyle that will enable human flourishing, both from a personal and a research perspective”.
Dr Rebecca Jenkin
Course attender & Associate Research Fellow (ECEHH)
"Intentional Health looks at all aspects of your life and shows you in a non-judgemental way how to make lasting changes to achieve a healthier lifestyle"
Kate Birch
Course attendee

Healthier Body

Happier Mind

Hope-filled Soul

Intentional Health is...

Evidence Based

Our content is designed by professionals and evidence-based in line with Public Health guidelines.

Designed for Everyone

As Christians, some of our teaching is faith-based. However, our course is designed to help everyone, whether or not faith is your thing.

Peer Led

Our groups are led by trained volunteers, which means we are all in the same boat and can encourage one-another.

Discover how to make choices for the ‘whole you’ so you can stop struggling, start thriving and live life well!