Intentional Health online course week 10. The End of the Course.

It’s the very last week of our Intentional Health write ups by our lovely course attendee Sophia from the blog ‘Time for Tea’.  Before we hand over to Sophia, we want to say a massive thank you to her, for sharing her experiences of our course and sharing with others what you have learnt.

Over to Sophia for one last time. ..

Getting Intentional: Week 10

I felt a little emotional this week as I logged onto my computer for our final Intentional Health session; I’ve very much enjoyed my Tuesday mornings with the rest of the ladies on the course over the last three months and I’ll miss this routine. (please don’t read into that that this course is only for women though; our leaders assure me that many men have done — and benefitted from — the course too!).

After discussing last week’s session in our breakout rooms, we watched a video that summarised the journey we’d been on over the last ten weeks. It was a great recap and showed how much we’d manage to cover! We then had some time to reflect on what we’d learnt, and share it with the rest of the group. For the sake of helping you to understand the course, I thought I’d share my responses here:

Lego person on a journey

1) What have you learnt?

When you’re setting yourself a goal, break it down into smaller steps that would be almost impossible to fail at; these small changes all compound to help you bring about the intended change.

2) What have you already changed? 

Well, I find myself checking food labels sometimes, which I have never done before! And I have become increasingly aware of unhealthy thought habits, so whenever I see myself falling into the Comparison Trap — comparing my worst with someone else’s best — I call myself out on it (gently, of course!).

3) What are you going to be intentional about in the near future?

I’m going to try ‘being a detective’ about my triggers and the choices I make. We are always being reminded on this course that ‘facts are our friends’ and identifying why we do something can help us to change that behaviour.

This discussion was followed by a lovely part of the session, which couldn’t help but leave you feeling valued and appreciated (yes, I know that sounds vague and that’s deliberate; I don’t want to give away all the spoilers!).

I loved the final activity, in which we were encouraged, with our breakout room partner, to consider what we want our legacy to be. The idea is that if we know what we want to be remembered for then we can start to be intentional now about making that more likely to happen! Now that’s a powerful thought!

To finish, one of our leaders prayed a beautiful blessing over us all, which felt like a fitting way to end the course. I can’t remember what she said, but it felt very hopeful, which I think is indicative of how the whole course felt. With this in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend the course; it felt like a safe and supportive group to learn, be challenged, and make changes in! Thank you Niky and Fiz 🙂

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