Do you want to save lives in your local community?

Poor health and wellbeing can drastically impact the lives of those we care about.

But sometimes you just don’t feel confident enough, or know how to make a real difference when it comes to health. 

That’s where we can help!

Attending an online course has been integrated as a pre-requisite to partnership training. 

This benefits you in 7 ways

  1. It provides an opportunity to try before you buy,
  2. You can experience the transformational content for yourself) 
  3. Your course replay’s become an additional resource when you start delivering programmes in your own community. 
  4. The cost of your programme is spread as the cost of your online course is deducted from your full training fee 
  5. The final training days have been halved (from 3 full days, to 1.5 full days). 
  6. You don’t have to travel for training!
  7. We can be a little more flexible with training days. 

instead of 3 full and intense days where you don’t get the full Intentional Health experience, you now only need to attend an additional 10 hours, which we spread over 2 days.

The first day is usually delivered together with one or two other churches and is a full day. 
The second day is a half day which just your team attend. It’s also where you get to have a go at using our resources and can ask  questions that are specific to your church or community setting.

Your resource packs will be delivered to you the week before Day 1 training. 

By the time you complete day 2, you’ll be fully prepared, more confident, and excited to deliver transformational programmes to your local community. 

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